Why isn’t it a four woman tent?

Unfortunately, as a small company, we’re at the mercy of search engine returns and that means we have to market our products using the industry’s accepted terminology. We definitely think it’s time for a change though and we’ll be looking to become more person-able as we become better known.

Is the tent suitable for motorbike touring?

If you can fit the tent onto your hog then the Cinch will give you more tour time, a good night’s sleep and a whole bunch of envious looks. It’s really important that you make sure you can fit the tent into your pack though, so take some time looking at the Size & Weight charts on our product pages and think carefully about your pack and what you can handle on the road.

Is the tent suitable for back packing or bicycle touring?

This is entirely up to you and how you envisage your trip. The weight and bulk of your equipment can be paramount to your packing concerns and we recommend that you take some time to imagine how you might incorporate the Cinch into your setup, the weight you think you’re capable of carrying comfortably and whether the rewards the tent offers are worth the extra weight. Customers who have managed to fit the Cinch into their pack (or their group’s pack) say that it pays back in comfort, features and convenience, but for some people it is too bulky.

Have you thought of adding…?

Our customers’ ideas have informed the design process at every stage and we love to hear yours. Send them in to us via email or catch us in the chat. We always love to talk tents.

Can I see the Cinch in a shop near me?

Not at the moment! Selling directly to you, our customer, means we can keep production values really high without increasing the price to take into account a retailer’s cut. We love dealing directly with you guys & have built the tent to make it work for you. Long may it continue.


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